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Facts You Didn’t Know About Business Cards

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Honestly, there are plenty of intriguing things to learn about business cards. One example is, I bet you didn’t know that 27 million business cards are produced daily. Studying more about business cards can certainly help get rid of some light on why these cards have been widely used for so long and how you are able to successfully use them on your own. Let us take a look at 4 business card facts that you most likely didn’t know.

  1. Business Cards can be produced of several Various kinds of Materials

All of us have seen a paper business card, but are you aware that business cards can be made of many different kinds of materials? Plastic, metal, wood, cotton, cork, and bamboo are also options. Eco friendly materials are an alternative choice, and much focus has been made in the business on producing more business cards created from recyclable components. Each visiting card type includes various benefits and drawbacks. As an example, paper business cards are generally less expensive, but plastic business cards are more durable but a little more costly. There’s no one-size-fits-all with regards to business cards; when choosing yours, you need to pick the material that most closely fits your business’s needs.

  1. The Printing Press Helped Popularize the Business Card

The printing press is frequently praised as the many great creations in history, and it was definitely substantial to the success of the business card. As a consequence of Johannes Gutenberg, replicating books along with other works were quicker than ever. Considering the introduction of the printing press, business cards have come a long way. The creation of business cards was less of a challenge than before, so business cards grew to be more widespread and popular.

  1. Business Cards can Make or Break a Business

Business cards are often quite crucial to organizations. 72% of individuals judge a business through the quality of the person’s business card. The ramifications of that figure are huge! It demonstrates simply having a business card isn’t sufficient; nearly all customers need to see a quality business card. If the business card can be regarded as low-quality, consumers may choose not to do business with that company. This statistic is massively essential for showing the power and worth of business cards.

  1. Custom Shapes Make for Bold, Memorable Business Cards

As earlier mentioned, different business card types have distinctive benefits. Among the numerous advantages of plastic business cards is that they can be simply cut into any shape you can possibly imagine. Regardless of whether you desire a business card in the shape of a bicycle, an elephant, or a slice of pizza, all are possible with plastic business cards. Since business cards are so widely used, utilizing unique shapes can help you differentiate yourself from the opposition making a vibrant, memorable impression.